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The Third Enlarged Executive Director Meeting of China Industrial Digital Printing Technology Union Was Successfully Held in Shanghai
Jun 20 2011 15:30:59 , 7164


The Third Enlarged Executive Director Meeting of China Industrial Digital Printing Technology Union Was Successfully Held in Shanghai

     Conference Name: The Third Enlarged Executive Director Meeting of China Industrial Digital Printing Technology Union

Moderator:  Zhaozhi Qian, the director-general

Meeting Time: 9:30 am, June 17th, 2010
Venue: 14th floor conference room, Jin Jiang Hotel 59, Maoming Road South, Shanghai

Conference dinner: 11th Floor, Shanghai Jin Jiang Hotel
Conference slogan: cooperation, win-win interest, promotion for industry!


Content of the meeting

1, Introduce the official name of the Union, the tenet and details of the affiliated unit;
2, Research the organizational structure of the Union and its address;
3, Discuss the Union's specific work plan in the year 2011 and development objectives of the next three years;
4, Research the source of funding needed by the Union’s normalized operation;
5, Discuss the strategic cooperation between the Printing Union and the Engraving Union;

6, How to regulate the industry development and promote cooperation among members through the Union Power;
7, Discuss the customer source of the exhibition held by its own industry;
8, Discuss the idea of effective propaganda of the union through Shanghai  Exhibition in July;

Shanghai Exhibition ideas;
9, Discuss the upcoming meeting participated by all members in July 5;


China Industrial Digital Printing Technology Union is officially launched and founded in 2010 by Beijing Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ming Yang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Wit-Color Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tekwin Technology Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yaselan Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Flying Boat Digital Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Runtianzhi Image Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Gongzheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. (ranked in alphabetical order) these 9 companies. The Union has officially absorbed nearly 40 companies as the unit members. The Union primarily carried out the work based on the "National Engineering Research Center for Digital Printing" as the subject.


We will play a role in promoting the industrial printing applications, expand the application scope, and strengthen technical exchanges, reduce duplication of research and development to accelerate the research and development of inkjet printing, special-purpose printing, short printing, textiles printing and other various areas, contributing to the development of printing technology industry.


Union Tenet (democracy, independence, sharing and co-prosperity)

Article One: Establish smooth communication platform within the industry in order to increase mutual understanding and trust between industries and enterprises;
Article Two: Promote a gradual formation of a regional cooperative mechanism between industries and enterprises based on technological R & D and market development;
Article Three: Promote the integration of advantageous resources and superior resources sharing;
within the industry;

Article Four: In the interests of industries and enterprises, rely on the strength of unity to obtain the right to express their ideas.

V. Discuss the Strategic Cooperation Between the Printing Union and the Engraving Union; 
On May 15th, nearly 40 people who were in charge of engraving equipment factories gathered in Dongjiao State Guesthouse in Nanjing, held discussions about a number of current issues that the industry faces throughout the day and made a comprehensive understanding of the Union’s development, truly felt the urgency of the unity and alliance under the current situation. At the final stage of the meeting, participants jointly signed the framework of founding China
Engraving Equipment Industry Union, the inhibition of the vicious competition in the industry and the resolution of aligned behavior in the Shanghai Exhibition these three documents.



As the two cores of China's advertising industry equipment devices, whether the digital printing and engraving can establish relations of solidarity, cooperation and support when faced with the common interests, learn from each other of future development thought, consider to unite to forge strategic alliances;


The meeting unanimously adopted that on July 5th, 2010 the meeting participated by all members of the Printing Union and Engraving Union will be held in Shanghai.