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The Launching Unit of Printing Union Get Together in Shanghai
Jun 20 2011 15:32:17 , 6687

The Launching Unit of Printing Union Get Together in Shanghai


On December 8th,2010, the founder of printing equipment industry Shi Qianping, Gao Yubao, Chen Fei yang, Chi Ze hua, Chen Wei zhong gathered in Shanghai to pay the home visit of Director-General Qian Zhaozhi.


Director-General Qian Zhaozhi showed great appreciation of the arrival of visitors and the concern of all the Union members, and made ??a brief introduction of the recovery of his body. Members expressed the recognition and thanks of the president for his contribution to the whole union since he took office on March 4, 2010 (Houjie Conference), and wished a speedy recovery.


During the talks, all showed recognition of the founder of the Union and its positive role within the entire industry. Although some problems of the initial phase can’t be perfectly solved, we have confidence in the future through enhanced communication, understanding and establishing mutual trust mechanism and the Union is bound to play a positive role for the healthy development of the industry and help member companies successfully expand international market.


Then an in-depth discussion about the future development of the Union was launched and consensuses are reached as the following:

Because of poor health of Director-General he can not continue to do hard work as usual. All members unanimously elected Mr. Qian Zhaozhi as the honorary Director-General of the Union to continue to offer advice on the future development of Union in possible circumstances, Mr.
Qian Zhaozhi gladly agreed.
On the issue of the Union's successor, to reflect the Union's fairness and justice, it was agreed that the previous eight selected members take charge in turn.

About the holding of the Exhibition (Dongguan Exhibition) in 2011 by the Union, we must make every effort to coordinate all aspects of the organization. The exhibition held by the Union represents its own our cohesion. During the exhibition, the third meeting participated by all the members will be held.

The issues on the co-ordination services of the Union in the short term, the Secretary General of the Union Mr. Sun Dongwei is solely responsible for communication processing.
 About 2011 Shanghai Exhibition, all members agreed to keep the same pace and the specific operational methods are discussed and decided at the meeting participated by all members.